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Strictly defined, communion tables and church altars are pieces of church furniture upon which religious ceremonies may be performed. They are also defined as an elevated table before which divine scriptures are recited and upon which Eucharist is celebrated in Christian Churches. The roots of communion tables and church altars go back to the simple stone structures used by ancient peoples that were generally placed at the crest of a hill or, in biblical times, a location where something historically notable occurred. Altars often served as the central point of worship and sacrifice for many communities. Sometime around the 3rd century, Christians began to consider the table that the Eucharist was celebrated on as an altar. Communion tables and church altars today are commonplace and serve many different functions for the faiths of the world.

Hall Furniture Ltd. manufactures a large variety of high quality church altars and communion tables that are suitable for all faiths. Featuring hand crafted quality that will give any church many years of use, our tables are constructed by our skilled team of craftsmen using solid wood and include fine details such as intricate scrollwork or routed features. Our communion tables and church altars are available in either paneled and enclosed designs or open leg designs with finishes ranging from traditional wood grain to Colonial. We can also customize a design to fit the needs of your Church or place of worship. For quality, hand crafted workmanship that will give your house of worship years of beauty and durability, make Hall Furniture Ltd. your source for communion tables and church altars.
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